The morning sky is so beautiful but pollution lingers,

We are free to wander the land with trash at our feet.

The hills and mountains are alive, fire destroys, things die,

Rivers and lakes are there, they disappear without rain.

Giant trees have stood for so long, one by one, they are falling,

There is a struggle between nature and man, not a winner is there.

This is the truth as our world spins and turns, we are all here,

A mysterious gathering of life, the Earth grows smaller everyday.

Keith Garrett

10 thoughts on “THIS IS THE TRUTH

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  2. Hello Keithgarrettpoetry, you’ve beautifully pictured the struggle between man and nature in this poem. I especially love the line ‘There is a struggle between nature and man, not a winner is there.’ And also the concluding words – ‘the Earth grows smaller everyday.’ Very sensitive poetry i’d say. Thanks for touching such issues!

  3. Reblogged this on A Whispered Wind and commented:
    A powerful poem which causes me to stop and reflect the words of my Ancestors “Walk gently upon the Earth, leaving no footprints” oh how we have strayed Great Spirit!
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