A part of this world, i have a soul and spirit,

I am a man with a heart, i try to understand.

At times i do listen, not as often as i should,

The struggles within me keep me from the best i can.

Hard headed but strong, i work with my hands,

Children i gave much of myself too,

Possibly the day will come when they understand.

I am a writer of words and thoughts,

I let the music fill my head.

Sometimes anger and hate invade my not so perfect land,

Many miles of walking clear my aching head.

Mistakes I’ve made in many a way,

I am a man, trying as hard as i can.

Decisions and choices from long ago,

Make me who i am, who i am sometimes i don’t know.

I pray that the judgement of others is not that which will come from god,

I am a man, hope you will understand.

Keith Garrett


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