He had a life, so many years ago I met a man with such a smile,

Quiet with a heart so large, always a kind word or nothing at all.

He could be rough and tough, never did he want something from you,

A strong but gentle human being was he, a beautiful friend indeed.

A man so kind, Harold, today you are surely on my mind, you were loved,

Driving down the street, working in your yard, a chance to know you was mine.

Yes sir! a life you had, your smile will be always seen if only in a dream,

It’s hard to believe but this was your time to fly, leave this place behind.

It is in another home where you now roam, you journied beyond what is known,

You had a great life from once a small boy until your last day with much wisdom.

A man so kind is in this world hard to find, it does not seem fair that you are not here,

I saw you yesterday, you are thought of on this day, i will see you tomorrow.

Keith Garrett


5 thoughts on “A MAN SO KIND

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