My day had changed, some people appeared to me,

As I was thinking of my losses and more too lose again.

Things become much brighter when you learn of a worse pain,

From a country, Guatemala is from where once they came.

Our paths had crossed for a reason I do believe, meant to be,

I gave them many things that were of help and worth far away.

A man told me of life as a child in a place much different than here,

A tortilla on the ground, brown and some green, a fight for this meal.

He spoke of trimming away the bad and eating what was left,

Of cheese that was molding after some days, clean away the worms, okay.

If we would throw upon the ground our food not wanted, pick up they would do,

His story of a father who died from sickness and hunger so that they could eat.

All the clothing I gave to them would be to those over there like gold or money,

Shoes for their feet, today such a great feeling, my plans had changed.

He said to me, ” If you think you’re full and had enough too eat, save half

For tomorrow, fore nothing matters more than the hunger inside.

I listened today to a man who was once a child in a sorrowful place.

Keith Garrett


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