I pulled up in the driveway, there weren’t any lights on,

Stepped out from the car as the dog was barking loud.

I caught a glimpse of a full moon rising high in the night,

Took my keys from my pocket, unlocked and opened the door.

Flipped on the light before into my house i did step,

Is anyone home, no answer would I get.

To the back door I went to let the noisy dog in,

Wagging his tail and licking my chin.

I turned on the t.v. and put on a favorite show,

Made myself a strong drink, there’s nobody home.

A bag of chips and a sandwich, no wife or sign of any kids,

It’s been such a long day, maybe they all ran away.

Up the stairs I went to make sure this wasn’t a joke,

The rooms were empty, no consideration not even a note.

I fed the dog, I put out the trash, no respect for the things I give,

Should I be concerned that they’re nowhere to be found,

If they don’t care how I feel then my drink and i will relax on the couch.

All alone tonight, not a family in sight, a dog is faithful at my side,

Peaceful and quiet, another drink and i’m feeling alright, not a bad night.

I suppose I should now worry with no word as it’s getting kind of late,

One more drink and perhaps i’ll call the police, maybe just go to sleep,

The phone just rang, they went to the movies, what a family as they had no care for me.

Keith Garrett


13 thoughts on “ALL ALONE TONIGHT

  1. Your body is useful and will be health because your soul is priceless and they are related. Love, have a wonderful day!

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