They think they’re almighty, the top is not kind,

A chain of command they preach, it is a fool who is blind.

They do not listen but they hear what you say,

See only what they want, negative all the way.

Ask for a raise, they’ll see what they can do,

Sorry not right now, you’re the first on the list.

Numbers and robots, w-2 with a name,

If for any reason you don’t like it then please go away.

There’s much for you to do, it’s your job anyway,

We did not invite you here, sorry you don’t like the pay.

More responsibility, just do what we say,

A dime a dozen, you’re replaceable anyway.

Keith Garrett


3 thoughts on “AT THE TOP OF THE LADDER

  1. She is not on the top. She wanted a help.
    It is fine.
    She knows what you did but you are right maybe 50 %. Who is perfect? And do we don`t like to be better? She is not on the top, she had problems out and inside but will try now., will try! .Perhaps your way was not very honest … she knew what you were doing. The games are not her style. She wanted to show you that was wrong….but however helped.
    Have a good day and everything ahead.

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