In so many ways it occurs, serious or a little less,

From a child who takes a piece of candy at a store.

You broke the law, but not in a bad way one might say,

Whether or not it’s a bad law, your morals are the same.

Breaking the law is what it is, you can not rationalize,

A piece of candy, all the way up the ladder a thief is seen.

Did I say seen? breaking the law is done in many different ways,

Petty theft, robbing a bank, those who run our world, higher stakes.

Criminal activity runs crazy throughout this state, not shocked are you,

Behind closed doors while we sleep, in broad daylight we don’t always see.

The bigger question remains, who gets to break the law, what laws are ignored,?

For those with money, breaking the law can be quite a game, the law should be for all.

Keith Garrett


5 thoughts on “BREAKING THE LAW

  1. Well yes, we all break the law and that is because laws have an encumbrance of being oppressive on a moral system…think of the little act of jaywalking for example. Should our lawmakers ever need accountability for all laws in their jurisdiction, perhaps half of them might start taking the time to make obsolete the ones that are meant for loopholes.

  2. Law, in its strictest definition is not something we all adhere to. We are human after all. But where to draw the line between humanity and illegality is what defines our morality, it is also what comes of our status. The more power someone possesses, the more flexible that line is.

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