My thoughts of you are from over forty years past,

Once a reality and a life that was our everyday scene.

Now memories kept alive from a child to a man,

Father, you remain In my heart, I keep you alive.

I can not see you except In my dreaming, closed eyes,

If not for a picture I have to keep your face In my mind.

Can you see me father, have you watched as my life marches on,

I pray that some of the things I’ve done have made you proud.

One day I’ll see your wonderful face and speak of those days long gone,

A different life In heaven, I’m much older now, no longer a child.

Can you see me, father, do you see my face, do you know a son’s name.?

Keith Garrett


4 thoughts on “CAN YOU SEE, ME FATHER

  1. In Psalm 39 He tells us that He has known us before we were in our mothers’ wombs…so…what is 40 years to Him? A gnat’s breath, the flutter of a hummingbird wing…/40 years His son was in the wilderness…did He forget him? Your name is written on His heart since the beginning of time and eternity-He knows you better than you know yourself! Rejoyce!
    I love this post-as always! Thank you!

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