Every day I wake whether there be sun or clouds,

I take in a breath fore I am so fortunate to have another.

The light of morning is shown to my ageing eyes,

Every day I am grateful to see the sky, feel the wind go by.

Walking along the streets, through the park many sights,

This is my every day, the birds visit my yard, nature plays.

To love and be loved is hoped for in one’s life, a blessing,

Every day holds no guarantees of anything but we keep the faith.

Every day will not be forever, not until we travel off to heaven.

Keith Garrett


3 thoughts on “EVERYDAY

  1. I couldn’t figure out how else to contact you mate, so I came via comment. Love the writing, very themed, whether its intentional or not, in my unprofessional opinion. thanks for the follow mate. i would advise a different theme though as it would allow easier navigation between posts as well. Understandably, the free themes are shit, but there are a few with decent organization.

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