I apologize for this phrase, I do not speak in such a way,

But fuck you! when you try to take what is mine, such a crime.

I have nothing and you let me know that you’ll take all that I have,

Nothing in my pocket but you will take what can not be ever had.

Fuck you! when you take away my job, you are the corporate slob,

Many lies, the devil is on your side, from god you will never hide.

Fuck you! to the white house and those inside that hide from justice,

You are a crime, protected from the criminals that you buy.

Fuck you! to the friends, family, and neighbors who do wear a phony smile,

I have watched you all, I do not wear the same smile, you are an American lie.

For what you have done to me, Fuck you! for free, I have seen all that can be,

To the Government, the justice system, and the IRS that brings me down,

Fuck you! for being around, there is nothing good that I have found.

Keith Garrett


15 thoughts on “FUCK YOU!

  1. Surprised to see this, but a welcome poem. Sounds like something I would say or have said. Just whenever I do, people tell me something is wrong with me, or I’m not well adjusted, or some such conformist garble. Well spoken.

  2. I am reading Desmond Morris’s ‘Evicted’; many of the poor victims in these stories could well speak the words of your poem

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