Do you recall your first friend, do you know them today,

Did they disappear with childhood and drift beyond another day.

I had a friend, a lifetime ago, back when i was only four, i remember,

His name was Donnie, glasses, a Winter cap, a long time ago friend.

Where is he today, no longer a child, i would not know him anyway,

A picture frozen in my mind, he will stay young for the rest of my life.

Kenneth, James, David, and cotero, i think of them from Kindergarten,

A boy named Grover, we were just little boys, innocence of a time now over.

Remember those friends from life’s morning until the night of your life,

So many names but special ones we think about as we travel along,” friends.”

Think of someone you once knew, take a moment, go back to your special place,

I think it’s suppose to be this way, a reason we go through phases and changes.

There are times when friends must be left behind, some with us for a lifetime,

Remembering friends who are out there somewhere, do they remember.?

Keith Garrett


7 thoughts on ““FRIENDS”

  1. My childhood was a little dodgy so have actively forgotten a lot of it lol but I do remember Kindy … the playdough and a couple of friends that I used to ‘borrow’ shoes off’ve (we have a ‘family’ shoe fetish 😉 ) … I don’t remember their names, but can see their faces 🙂

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