In the evening light I know she is there in the crowded square,

Her face I  can not see although her beautiful hair dances in the breeze.

Maybe it’s been awhile but the scent in the air reminds me of her,

I make my way to where she stands, vanishes as never there.

From these eyes what do i see, turning around she approaches me,

You’ve been away, you’ve been gone , gone for a while I dream of your smile.

I’ve listened so long for the sound of your voice, only the wind,

Where did you go when you went away, from these eyes I did not see.

You faded away into a memory, yet my darling you still exist,

There is in front of me two roads, one is of a better day.

She stares at me and wonders why I found her in this place,

From these eyes I’ve seen many things, from these eyes there is you.

We stand together in the dark of night seeking the right words to speak,

Wondering if together we’ll walk or lonely we go our own way.

Everyone’s gone, the moon rises full on a clear, Summers night,

From these eyes I watch you staring at me, staring at me.

Keith Garrett


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