He learned to heal as only a man can, he was human,

A womans husband dies, he loses faith in himself,

People he knew in a town also lose faith in a friend.

He was a doctor who did care about pain and suffering,

Angry at himself because he failed another, could not cure.

He was a doctor, not perfect in any way, not made of miracles,

He turned his back on his profession, he turned his back on himself.

He needed to figure it out, he went home, back to a simple life,

Working on his farm, away from the pain and death that ate at him.

This wasn’t who he was, down inside he was a healing man, a doctor,

What he realized, he was a doctor, not god.

Keith Garrett


6 thoughts on “HE WAS A DOCTOR, NOT GOD

  1. I think death and suffering a doctor witnesses in his profession also causes PTSD like it does for soldiers in war field. It is not about “Ego” or competition with God , it is sheer pain and a sense of pathological responsibility that makes a doctor give up his profession. I am a doctor for last 15 years , I know what I am saying. People outside the profession either makes a doctor a deity or demon , he never thinks that. He tries to heal , fight disease, death , depression …idealists do suffer when they can not save some people. This is my perspective. I apologize if you think differently.

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