You can’t go back but it sure is nice to visit, physically I have,

Mentally, I have the greatest of memories of those days in Yorba.

So with a pen I share these thoughts of a yesterday so far in the past,

Memories shall be brought to the future as I think and write of you.

Can you recall the summer before your ninth grade year, vacation is here,

Three months off to sleep in, head for the beach, and hang out with friends.

A big change from eighth grade over the Summer, getting ready for what’s next,

Enjoy the sun, have some fun as high school is coming fast, teen years, a blast.

Best friends, girl friends or boy friends, do you think of back then when we were friends?

Vending machines and future dreams, where are you now as yesterday is no more,

I saw you my friends back then as ninth grade began, I had to leave you before the sun set.

A great high school you were with people I will never forget, the sun set went down,

We aged a little by high schools end, still teenagers as life would begin again.

There is a certain goodbye we say many times in our lives, remember school, it was cool,

My Esperanza friends, I have never forgotten you, i lost a few and the rest will forever be missed.

Keith Garrett



  1. Even I wish to God if I could meet my 2nd class best friends and tell them- I do remeber you and miss you now also!!!!
    But no reachable contact no. No valid address…
    Only Destiny knows where it will go…

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