Beats this heart, a strong yet fragile organ,

A complicated mystery that gives and sustains life.

There is no love in the heart, an emotion, state of mind,

We like to believe that a person has a big heart, not a good thing.

Speaking physically and emotionally, there are two hearts,

That one in your chest and a beautiful spirit of it that beats in your soul.

Some have a bad heart, a black heart that is sick with evil,

A heart of pure gold rests with those so gentle and kind.

The hardened heart that is created within a lifetime of mistrust,

A heart of stone, a piece exists in my spirit now as I’ve been hurt,

Let it grow I will not, keep chipping away to a heart of love and care.

Keith Garrett


7 thoughts on “HEART OF STONE

  1. This is really nice. I do love your blog and I nominated you for a 3-days-3-Quotes challenge, which seems to be a thing on WordPress. I know it could turn out to be another project. Please feel to say “No” for whatever reason and I will not think any less of you. If you will like to view, accept or participate in the nomination, please look up the link on aYoka at https://gbolaboadetunji.wordpress.com/2016/09/25/pretend/ at your own convenience. As I said earlier, there is no obligation and more importantly, keep up the good work here. Have a wonderful day!

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