Is there trust in yourself, what trust in others,

How far would you walk for another, what would you give?

Are you of a good heart even if in the end there is no reward,

Do you expect something in return for putting your life on the line?

Would you run out in the street to save a child or one in a burning car,

Is it a question of a moral value, fear and life is a thought that comes to mind?

An act of faith, would you take a chance, do anything for friend or man,

Would you give of yourself if there could become a certain end?

Keith Garrett


11 thoughts on “AN ACT OF FAITH

  1. I act on act of faith… and give 100% in any relationship…. till I have been proven wrong by the person in question. And once I lose faith and respect for the person concerned then I never ever look back just him/her. This is my biggest shortcoming. I’m am too trusting. Have got kicked back many times…. I try to change and become smart like others… but then that’s not me… so I just be me.

  2. I think it is inbuilt in some of us to help, my sister was once in a bus station when half a dozen lads set on to one boy, she could not believe the men that stood around and did nothing, she has three boys of her own and imeadiately started pulling the bullies off this poor boy. I would not put myself in danger if it was a thief but if someone was dying or they were suffering through circumstances I would have to help.

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