The story goes as told , there was a girl lost as she was being chased,

He was following her, fast enough but close behind he did follow.

Where she was, why he was after her does not really matter,

Not known if in fact he knows her or just another violent stalker.

It was never even told who she was but she was scared and alone,

Hiding in the woods from a stranger with no help in sight for her.

Nobody knew she was there, only that she was missing for a day,

He was somewhere out there in the woods, hiding but watching.

Further into the woods she moved along wondering if her life was done,

It was getting cold as the light of day was disappearing into night.

Hiding in the woods was this unknown horrible man with no conscience,

Why won’t he leave her alone, terrified was this girl running beyond daylight.

Never did anyone find out who he was but no one ever saw her again.

Keith Garrett

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