I know you are there Art, I wonder where you are, how are you?

Are you alright? Do you understand what has happened? are you near or far?

It seems you have gone away, was the sun shining? what were your thoughts of this day?

I remember when once we met on a sunny Yorba Linda day, you were young, life was okay,

Those were the days of innocence, we were safe to what was coming our way, chances we take.

A smile you had always on your face, from day to day you aged as we all did, today you went away,

I know you are somewhere, I can feel it as I imagine you traveling to a far off unimaginable place.

You were here, could it be that you are still around, I thought I heard you laugh, remembering the sound,

You left your mark, a reason heaven needed you now, I saw you yesterday Art, It seems so long ago.

Many friends were yours, I think at times you didn’t understand, you were born on a day, with god you now stand,

I’ll always remember and think of you dear friend when I recall those never ending Summer days so long ago.

Keith Garrett


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