I knew a boy by the name of Paul,
He went away late Summer or Fall.

When he was little he played In the snow,
These things I remember long ago.

I think of the smile he had on his face,
It fades from my memory yet there’s still a trace.

When I think of him It reminds me,
Of just how fragile this life can be.

It makes me feel special fore he came to me,
Just a short time before life set him free.

There was a boy by the name of Paul,
He laughed and played but that’s not all.

He had a life of which I speak,
Cut to short, It did not reach Its’ peak.

I’ll think of him as you do,
A soul In heaven, a part of you.

For his Mother, Father, and sister.

Keith Garrett

14 thoughts on “A BOY NAMED PAUL

  1. Yes but she was the best friend of me and the last two years the cancer was slowly spreading to the whole body …it was hard to watch how she was suffering. Maybe she feels better on the sky. Sometimes I cry remembering our beautiful friendship. 2016 has very strange and hard year…wish everybody one good 2017!😊

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