What were your thoughts, was this your plan,

Did you not like me, what a horrible deed you did.

I did not know you so why this evil in your head,

I guess it did not matter because now I am dead.

When you killed me you made it final, took away my life,

Will they ever find me, you made them cry in the night.

More than selfish or mean, a monster that only some see,

It is already to late when they come to see your face,

When you killed me you became less a part of the human race.

Keith Garrett

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6 thoughts on “WHEN YOU KILLED ME

  1. Hi, how are you? Are you healthy? Ok, whatever you suppose or think I love you! You are very deep soul and interesting man. I am so sorry we met in the hardest moment in my life. Maybe there were some lies but for small things. Bless you! Be healthy and joyful !

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