The sun was setting, shadows stretched out beyond the hills,

A breeze suddenly came forcing leaves from the ageing trees.

Chilly on this night as a pile of wood rests waiting for a warm fire,

A roof over this mans head, supper on the stove, and a bed to call my own.

Step out do I to have a smoke from my pipe, relaxing while a meal is cooking,

I see in the distance a stranger with body movement of desperation, pacing.

Examine the situation do I as this most lonely, scared person, loiters,

Call to him I do, are you okay!, i watch as this soul looks my way,

Be weary of strangers I  think to myself but there is no worry here.

Come in out from the cold and take supper with me, it’s your choice,

I was taking a chance, in the end the chance I took changed someones life.

Keith Garrett


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