Generations have passed, presidents as well as times have changed,

Hundreds of years It has been that my family has worked this land.

From the days of the revolutionary war when my great, great, grandfather

Fought alongside many family, friends, and neighbors to be free.

Again In eighteen twelve my great grand father went to war for freedom,

My grandfather all the way down the line fought for the land we claimed and own.

The Civil War and every other war created for money or to take ownership of what Is wanted,

My family not only took part to defend this country and fight within It but we also fought

For what was and remains In our family, this Is my land and no person of power or not

Will ever approach and take with force this land without a fight, without gun In hand.

Keith Garrett


One thought on “THIS IS MY LAND

  1. Hi thanks a lot for checking out my blog; yours looks great as well! I enjoy poetry and writing poetry, and am currently trying to expand the type of stuff I write. I look forward to reading more stuff of yours!

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