I am a man, you are a woman, from the moment we are born we age,

In this world we all have a chance to be and accomplish anything.

Never have I been one to believe In power or that one soul Is more

Precious or Important than another, this Is the way our world seems.

There are Kings and queens, rulers, presidents, those born with money,

Good and bad are those with or without, money makes not the man.

An actor, a singer, movie star are people who are by others worshiped,

Idolized as though they are magical, special In a way because they live on a screen.

Not to criticize that which they do but yes, all are the same as me and you,

We can’t take It with us, material things, none can we strap to our spirits.

We are each one of us the same In that we are human, blood and mortal,

We can’t take It with us but we can love what we have each day until we go away.

Keith Garrett


8 thoughts on “WE CAN’T TAKE IT WITH US

  1. I am finally calm and happy helping my child to stand up , to work , to love, to be himself. This year I did not safe even a coin but I am HAPPY! My piano is enough and the music of lovely words . I sad the true but it depends how can be understood. People don`t need bad offensive jokes as ” help” . They need conversation on real.

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