Has anybody seen the rain,? it went away on a trip to where,

Lost is it, I hear it’s been seen roaming the sky over far off lands.

Why doesn’t it like to visit here anymore, it’s been such awhile,

I remember how the clouds would gather each time and get ready.

You could smell it in the air, the winds would change, lightning and thunder,

When it began to fall I would turn my face to the sky and let it drop upon my face.

It use to be a friend and water all the beautiful plants until it went away,

Now the land is in trouble as it begins to dry up, will it crumble and turn to dust.?

Will the plants and shrubs turn to brown removing their color as they slowly die,

When will the people feel the thirst as the precious water taken for granted

Is no longer there, what happened to the rain, will it ever return again.?

Keith Garrett


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