Somewhere among the crowd one of them may be shopping,

At a restaurant they could be sitting at a table before your eyes.

A beautiful day at the beach in some year past or present they were,

Might have been at a ball game cheering just as you were having a day.

Walking down the street it could be you pass them by each day not knowing,

When you see them it is most possible that the years have disguised them.

Sometimes and not to often we may slow down and take notice of a face,

It may not be whom we wish to see or maybe the most fortunate are we.

At times I wonder if down the street they may live a neighbor not known by me,

A nod on the street by a passer-by, a smile from a face that might be a friend indeed.

Over the years we spread further apart, not always in distance but in time,

When you see them take a closer look as they are no longer whom they were back then.

Keith Garrett


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