It was only what seemed liked yesterday, a little girl,

You ran around with that pretty girl smile, playing with dolls.

Not much of a care in the world as all things seemed so magical,

Your mother was always there when you skinned a knee or shed a tear.

On a playground at school running carefree with friends till day’s end,

“Sister” to brothers who were always around if ever you needed them.

Valerie, born into this world a tiny, baby girl, mystery of life and beginning for you,

I remember you back then, “sister” of my childhood friends, dark haired girl.

It may not seem so but some Angels came to see you some time ago, sent just for you,

They were there last night, sat with you until the morning’s light, they were there,

When It was time to let go they guided you away, a smile on your face as you journey to a place,

” Sister” you were loved by many, memories will fill their hearts till you are seen again.

For her family,

Keith Garrett


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