Paradise is a hard to find world, been a long time comin’

I’m a rocker, have you heard the New York serenade?

I used to practice at my father’s house, he was jack of all trades,

He was a real man who would tell you things point blank.

Once he bought me a pink Cadillac, I wish I were blind,

Growin up in Reno wasn’t so bad, It wasn’t magic.

My beautiful reward was when I met my Sherry darling,

It was a place called Jacob’s Ladder on highway 29.

We were both just looking for a little human touch,

Something we were both missing, I said I wanna be with you.

It wasn’t a line, It was real, she makes me feel like I’m on fire,

I told her I’d prove it all night and I’d be here in the light of day.

We have been together for a while now, ‘I told her’ I’ll work for your love,

I talked to a woman named Mrs. McGrath,

I’m going down to see about a place for us.

I told her I’m doing this for you, for us,

I have a good eye for the beauty I see in you,

Sherry darling, I wanna marry you.

Keith Garrett


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