Open your eyes!, this is said from with inside as I seem at times blind,

There is so much to see but I must confess that what is important sometimes escapes my sight.

A blind man can not physically see but learns to observe more than a man with vision,

A man with no sight asked of me, tell me young man what things with your eyes do you see.

There are at times many things I wish not to see, pain and destruction from the world today,

What I asked was that which you see not a thing about wishes or that which you do want to see.

I see the mountains, the ocean, the sky, and all there is of beauty that god placed down upon the earth,

Yes!, at times I am blind to all of these things just as they are taken for granted by most every man.

You are a blind man, so who do you think you are trying to give me a lesson or to teach me,

Young man, are you a follower of those whom are of negative ways?, take responsibility for yourself.

I am blind but in my time I have seen so much more than your seeing eyes can ever dream,

You are at times very blind, your eyes are open but it is a mans mind that is truly closed.

Keith Garrett


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