When I looked into their faces I saw hopelessness, lost,

Contact from their eyes was little, I saw shame, it’s ours.

We made and brought sandwiches and hot coffee to the hungry,

He was sitting there at a table in the park where many others gather.

Bundled in the clothing worn mostly everyday they are people, human beings,

They each one have a story to be told, listened too as they all have no home.

Called worthless, society as a whole turns their backs on them, are they not worthwhile,

I could feel the broken hearts from where I stood, a young one my girlfriend asked “are you hungry”,?

Yes! he replied Immediately, eating a sandwich in seconds, other words, “I haven’t had coffee in a while.

These things taken for granted by most, I feel some shame as i worry about myself and my pain,

I didn’t put them there, this i know, i have the power to make a piece of Christmas for them better,

A handshake and a Merry Christmas back to us they replied, broken hearts, piece by piece mended.

Keith Garrett

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