I’m calling for you, listen to my words,

From heaven down to you, in your soul I am heard.

Leave behind your shell of a man,

Journey to me, with your spirit I will stand.

Don’t be afraid fore there is no more pain,

On the earth you lived, a body and mind.

A new adventure begins, soar up to me,

Again you will live for eternity.

A memory are you to those left behind,

Again they will see you in some distant time.

Heaven and earth, fore all come together,

Human down here, a spirit forever.

Keith Garrett


5 thoughts on “COME WITH ME

  1. Beautiful. Our essence remains long after we leave the earth and go home, we will always be a part of the universe for that is where we came from. The day we are born we are on the road to death, it’s what we do in-between that counts.

    There’s a place for me up there
    Where the stars so brightly shine.
    The spot between the Milky Way
    and just near the great divine.
    One night as you look up
    to see the twinkling of the lights.
    Will you think of me with love?
    I’ll be just off to the right. :o)
    By: Patricia S.

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