I’ll send your children far away,

They won’t come back so I’ll have my pay.

This war we have is not for real,

It makes no difference to me fore I don’t feel.

This thing won’t end, not for a while,

Look at my face, see my smile.

Your sons will die but that’s okay,

We’ll just send more in harm’s way.

It’s death for money, why should I care,

I have no son to send over there.

I’m a coward, I’m not brave,

The last good president is in his grave.

My war on terror is so insane,

That’s only because I don’t have a brain.

So say goodbye to your loved ones,

We’ll ship them off, we’ll give them guns.

There’s not much more that I can say,

Just try to have a happy day.

Keith Garrett

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