To have a physical illness is of the normal as we are hurt in a day,

Might even get a little sympathy for that brain tumor or decaying spine.

When it comes to disorders of the mind then we are on our own,

The medical world doesn’t care as authorization for what’s not there is denied.

My thoughts and questions come to life as which is mental but what becomes both,

Disorders of the mind are a serious matter, they are a disease not a made up fantasy.

To be denied by society is a horrible injustice but let me tell you a worse thing,

When your family and friends really don’t want to hear and let me say they don’t wish to listen.

Accept this fact and move on, we try to explain and hope they’ll understand and be of support,

I know just as well as all of you that those you keep telling are laughing, rolling their eyes.

Get over it! don’t be such a baby, it’s all in your mind, what the hell is wrong with you,

“Let me tell you what’s wrong” I like many others have a disease that comes along and attacks.

It doesn’t feel good, we suffer each day with this monster that won’t leave us alone, it finds us,

It is strong, our battle is much but we must be stronger or it will take everything from us.

This terrible disorder of the mind has other names, we speak of panic disorder, Agoraphobia,

You can’t just say go away! It angers me to hear this from people, make your ignorance go away.

It is said that it won’t kill you, we fight but it steals from us while we attempt to work and play,

Please recognize and understand that this pain inside our brains does not discriminate and is real.

Keith Garrett


11 thoughts on “DISORDERS OF THE MIND

  1. Agreed. I have found that I can process and work through my mental illness after I have confirmed it is real or someone else has confirmed its realness. Then I can start moving forward.

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