To far have I gone for what is wanted,

Turn and go back, not quite where I’ve started.

Lost in between this place for us,

No stress or burden, not even a fuss.

I’m stuck standing still, where do I go?

I have to keep going, don’t choose to be home all alone.

I need to be back where it is I belong,

Inside with who I am, not a stranger in my home.

To sit here peacefully and know I can be me,

Not worrying about what they want to see,

I can only be the real me.

Keith Garrett

4 thoughts on “FAR FROM HOME

  1. A dilemma! When going for what we want threatens what we have. The irony is the we want might make what we have better and more comfortable. But the challenge is maintaining balance between the two and never losing sight of what matters most.
    Awesome poem!

  2. Here is what I’ve found to be a solution to this dilemma: See wherever I am as my home. Of course, Home Base is where plans can be made, income can be the steadiest and one may retreat, when the rest of Home gets to be too much.

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