The bears begin their hibernation, plants slow down,

Shadows are seen across the mountains, they appear cold.

Trees are empty, naked without leaves, chilly days are here,

The sun shows its face in the morning a little later, to bed now early.

A time for some beautiful snow, a warm fire that gives a bright glow,

It’s Winter and Christmas will be here soon, a time of magic.


As the temperatures rise just a bit, plants begin to awaken once more,

The sun shines brighter, the snow melts from the mountains everywhere.

Days are full of difference, warm or cold there’s new life all around,

It’s Spring! a walk in the park, a hike in the hills, stars in the clear night sky.


Warmer become the days, much warmer as the heat rises, the sun stays,

Rise to the morning, down to the beach where the breeze blows from the ocean.

Walk along the shore, feet in sand, above is the sky, blue with a mixture of clouds,

Camping, boat rides across the lake, sail beyond where a horizon line ends.


Days become slowly shorter, leaves falling from trees, colors of yellow, orange, green,

Fall, cooler weather, Halloween and trick or treat, a breeze is in the air, a change is here.

Thanksgiving is close, thoughts of pilgrims so long ago, turkey and a feast, celebrate,

Beautiful images in places where there really are four seasons to be looked upon.

Keith Garrett


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