History is a big part of the world, It will be always,

Good or bad we do learn from all that has happened.

There are reminders all over the planet of great things,

Discoveries, accomplishments that came with sacrifice.

There are statues and monuments throughout this land,

So many whiners offended by everything now, makes me sick.

Take down statues, disrespect cemeteries, get rid of all memories,

Every piece of art, paintings, wars, and battles make us who we are,

These are reminders of hard times and great achievements by many.

Is anyone offended by all the nuclear bombs all over the world, I am,

Can we start removing those today, too much crying over silly, not so important stuff.

There’s a war right here in America, hate towards each other, plenty of violence,

The dismantling of America is now moving faster, it comes in many forms,

The people of this country are doing it to themselves, we don’t need any help.

Keith Garrett


  1. Reblogged this on Joy Lennick and commented:
    Although I’m British(Enough discontent there to complain about!) I’m deeply saddened by what’s happening to the USA and am aghast at the antics of the buffoon who is acting as president.Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. Sounds pretty bad Keith, and not unlike the U.K with the pro Brexit people and the Anti Brexit people. A huge division – nearly 50-50 when they had the vote. It even divided families and friends, and a lot of Europeans living in the UK no longer feel welcome. Pretty horrible. In some ways man will just never learn!

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  4. Very well done. I have to say, I’m actually surprised by how many people are writing poetry these days, and good stuff too. So much for the people who told me that poetry was dead.

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