I remember when I was a kid staying up late at night to watch

A Jerry Lewis movie, checking the T.V. guide to see if any movies

Would be coming on. I looked forward to a Friday or Saturday night

When one of my favorites would be showing. He made me laugh with

All the crazy things he would do. To me he was the greatest at physical

Comedy, the crazy faces he made while getting into so much trouble

Were so hilarious. A few of my favorites were At war with the Army,

The Stooge, Scared Stiff, and Jumping Jacks. I loved all of his movies

But when he and Dean Martin were together It was the best ever.

I watched the Jerry Lewis Telethon for years, trying to stay up all night

As the money kept rolling in. What he did for children was the greatest thing.

He should have received the Nobel Peace prize although he was nominated.

It Is a sad day now that he has gone away but his movies will live on everywhere.

Rest In peace Jerry Lewis, a great performer, you made me laugh, In heaven

You will be forever laughing.

Keith Garrett


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