What’s a writer, One whom picks up a pen or types out stories,

Poems from the heart, words put together about worldly dreams.?

A great writer is to the world one whom creates the best poems and stories,

The one who does finish each writing is to me great fore they have created.

There are great writers in history, Mark Twain, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson,

They had their own style, thoughts, and the way that they saw the world.

Who can say that we as writers are or aren’t great, we write and I say we are,

I have my own style and thoughts, I write from my heart, I am a writer!

I believe that my writing touches the hearts, souls, and minds of those who read,

I don’t have a famous name but it’s as good as any, I am Keith Garrett and I write.

My writing is my own, I have over two thousand poems that I share daily with you,

I hope they touch your day, know that yours does the same, we are great in our own way.

Keith Garrett


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