They make too much money for a sport that’s played,

A job to entertain and set an example for kids that watch each day,

Not at work, not on company time, we can’t do It, fired In the unemployment line.

Disrespectful, these men who kneel while an anthem of America is proudly sung,

It Is their right, freedom of speech by day and by night, not on the job, do It at home.

You don’t have to like It but stand as you should, you are an American, today not very good,

You kneel on the field, hide now within the locker rooms, men of character stand tall not sit down.

It’s a simple thing really, do your protesting In the streets, cry about It In your own home,

Anger and more people divided are the only things you are accomplishing In my opinion.

You disrespect those on your own teams as some are or have been a military man,

How can you stand together as at the same time you stand apart, disgraceful Is your only part.

Leave the politics off the field, play the game as now the game Is being truly affected,

Not as much fun to watch these days as always the topic and show remains the same,

How does a person kneel while singing the National Anthem? children are doing It, disgraceful.

See what’s happening to the NFL, so many don’t care to watch anymore, anger to go around,

Over something that really Is a personal Issue that should be kept away from the game.

Keith Garrett




  1. The NFL’s own rules state they will stand. I’ll leave my comments at that .. other than offer a sincere thank you for writing this!! Everyone in my old unit bled red. I can’t think of a soul that I served with who would countenance these disgraceful acts by the players.

  2. Sat K says:
    Tell me again how your singing the national anthem at a football game truly shows respect for soldiers? If you want to take politics out of sports, fine. Stop playing the national anthem at the games. (Oh, and it might be respectful to soldiers, if the rest of us acknowledged what we know to be the true dynamics of the continuation of warfare instead of hiding behind our various flags and entertainments.)

    • Actually, I want to keep going with this. I happen to agree that we need diversions and sports is one potential avenue for this. It does take the fun out of the games when politics enters the scene.
      I wonder who introduced the idea that we should play national anthems at games and fly national flags at the stadium. I bet it was someone with a particular financial or political agenda.
      If Dallas beats Detroit, does that mean that Dallas is more patriotic?
      I particularly find it distasteful when victors in international competitions claim that the victory shows the superiority of their way of life.
      The U.S. won the World Baseball Classic this year. Canada has won successive gold medals in Olympic ice hockey. The Chinese are winning diving competitions. They were fun games and hopefully they showed that people from all over could enjoy themselves together. And that is why we play the games, to be with others and to test ourselves, not to prove that someone else is less than us.

  3. I agree! I think what the NFL is missing is that people watch sports for a break from all the crap in the world – not for a new pool to swim in it. The protest isn’t about the men and women to fought – yet they use it anyway to protest another problem. We keep dividing what can’t be conquered with hate and anger. Sad days! More ahead I’m afraid.

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