A baby newborn is to be pure, brought into this world,

Each one with the same chances and opportunities so it’s said.

Circumstances, Places we live, family trauma, scars are formed,

We don’t know prejudice, we are taught it and then act upon it.

See do we things not wanted, acts of violence that take from us,

Bullying, secrets in life that come to the surface, thought were a dream.

We all have our own story, we are not born broken, inside we can break,

Piece by piece we change, older we get, life can wear us down, it does.

There is a life of much possible happiness and great things, search it out,

Many people are in places for reasons of many, we began with hope and value.

At one time we were each one of us an innocent child playing and a home with family,

What breaks us, we wander from whom we are, we are not born broken.

Keith Garrett



3 thoughts on “WE ARE NOT BORN BROKEN

  1. Keith -your poetry has depth and meaning. Oh please get a grammar book and learn about “who” and whom.” “Who” is the person that thinks, and acts, the “doer.”
    “Whom” is the one things are done to, the passive receiver. This little fix could bring you many more readers, because in poetry, as in life, it it important to say what you really mean.

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