My life spent here for many a year,

Born in a cabin, my childhood chasing dreams.

Seasons of many I watched as the trees grew tall,

Winters of snow, Springs of flowers, Summers and Falls.

Family and friends have passed through time,

The sky stays the same, the wind does not change.

Animals come to life as they too grow old,

The rain falls, the sun rises and sets as it always has.

On this, my mountain an old man I do stand,

It does not touch the sky higher, does not lay down and die.

Once belonged to another, again to many a man,

On this, my mountain, i’ll forever be part.

Keith Garrett

On this, my mountain, i’ll forever be part.

Keith Garrett


8 thoughts on “ON THIS, MY MOUNTAIN

  1. Enjoyed your words, I’ve lived halfway up a mountain, Mt French, in S-E Queensland, Australia, and high up in the mountains on the edge of an ancient caldera. Got mountains running behind where Iive in North Cyprus. Can’t live without mountains in close proximity.

  2. Love the mountains and the forests… 🙂 we go hiking in the Adirondacks NY whenever time allows… I tried liking your post but for some reason I am having an issue liking any posts… 😦 I will contact w/p to see what’s up … thanks for Liking our posts on SGC, we really appreciate it… have a fabulous day… 🙂

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