They come together as one to speak out against a wrong,

What do they show the world around them, they teach nothing.

A man is dead, who is it they blame, believe with anger the law,

They do no better as their protest is of evil, used as an excuse.

A gathering of criminals looting and terrorizing to show their dislike,

Attacking and beating those of different color out of hate and anger.

Possibly it could be their frustration with their own lives comes to life,

Destroying their own town, fires burning, does this make them proud.?

Jobs and economy being ruined, in their own town they raise their fists in triumph,

Are they fools, they are of ignorance, blaming society for more than one incident.

This is no gathering of good people, they are of no help as they create the bad,

No good will come of this, only a town scarred and destroyed, never forgotten.

2 thoughts on “A GATHERING

  1. I have been branded as being an idealist. I’m not sure I totally understand the word, but if it is my belief that each of us is equal and should be treated accordingly. To be able to say and be who they choose to be as long as they do not harm another, I guess I am an idealist. In order for this to work, there must be a mutual respect.One person isn’t going to make it all better just as one person can’t be blamed for all the worlds woes. There is enough blame to go around believe me. Each of us must shoulder our own blame, not blaming others. This is not an easy path. We are human and do make mistakes, but we do have a repenting heart. We grow through our mistakes.

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