Listen closely to this story as I see it, from a very long time ago,

In 1132 the Chinese knew about gunpowder, a tool, no, a weapon.

The first hand held gun was called an arquebus then of course the musket,

Many men had to try something, the invention of the rifle, the shotgun.

Congratulations! if they were used only for hunting but no, good became evil,

To this day they’ve been used for much criminal activity, too hurt and kill.

What happened to the days when they were used to feed your family,

Then came the sports hunter, killing just for the prize, a head hung high.

The police have them so that they can stop the ones whom shouldn’t,

Children are using them everyday in other countries just to survive.

The bullets ring out from the years no longer here, guns don’t die,

Guns don’t kill, people kill people because of fear, anger, and stupidity.

The noise needs to stop, it has put many a human being in their graves,

Unload your weapons, they’ll sing out in heaven, put the guns away.

War after war with much more advanced weaponry that will destroy,

In the end there will be no more world, put the guns away.

Keith Garrett



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