No memory have I of how this came to be,

Lost and alone, just me and the sea.

Day after day, across endless water,

Above only the sky and the seagulls that fly.

Get by do I with only little water and food,

Maybe a hope and a prayer that it may get me through.

In the distance perhaps a dolphin or whale,

My imagination is running wild.

Thinking of what’s below me scares me some,

Loneliness is worse fore nobody listens.

A dream am I having or my personal hell,

Until the end of this I’ll not be able to tell.

Up ahead, what is it that I see,

My hope and prayer is answered to me,

No longer will I be, adrift at sea.

Keith Garrett


4 thoughts on “ADRIFT AT SEA

  1. As a poet I salute you it is an honor I share with and for only spirit that soar
    singing sonet
    gliding on
    eagles wings
    breathe away
    ears hearing
    flapping as your hearts thought
    glides bye.

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