There was a time when I was not here,

No thoughts, no name or identity were mine.

I had no pain or sorrow, not a thing for me to know,

Where was I before I became me, somewhere waiting?

A time will come when I am no longer here, will I have thoughts?

A name remembered, My identity will not be this body or mind.

Again there will be no pain or sorrow, I will be somewhere else,

Before and after, heaven bound, where was I before my first sound?

Keith Garrett


4 thoughts on “BEFORE AND AFTER

  1. I have done many such poems myself…it is interesting I think , as well as beneficial. All of those poetic words such as ‘be true to yourself’ come to mind and it is good to think in all directions of self so that you don’t miss something important, or just as likely begin to push where it is not in your best interest. It is a growing thing. I wonder sometimes if it will ever come to an end. Oh, well. If I need to know the Father will let me know.
    Do you know my new address? I’m trying to let others know. It is gardengirl761@ We are still putting it all together but there are quite a number of poems that have been entered. I’ll be glad when the whole process is finished.

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