From out of England these four were born,

Back some years ago is what we know.

In Liverpool they started on their road to fame,

They were called the Beatles, remember their name.

To sing of love to sing of pain,

Talented were they, from their hearts they would play.

Known as the fab four, innocent were their smiles,

These young men of British descent would be with us for awhile.

By the name of Paul, on the guitar he could play,

With the voice of words, his thoughts he would say.

John he was called, to the world he was known,

With his written words and guitar, he would go far.

Quiet was George, with a smile so bright,

Oh! could he sing and pick the guitar strings.

On his drums, he would hammer and bang as he felt,

Named Ringo like no other but all four were like brothers.

Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, John Lennon.

Keith Garrett


8 thoughts on “BOYS FROM LIVERPOOL

  1. Bless our British musicians and all our musicians who sing the truth that they bring forth in their beautiful, angelic music. They are the Lord’s angels and scripture explains about David, the chief musician and the musical responsibilities and roles of the angels he is in charge of to sing the music for God. A scriptural piece that not many are familiar with.

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