My hand is stretched in front of my face, I reach for the sun,

So close but how far away is incredible when really Imagined.

We can touch the rain, it falls far to where we are,

Touch the wind without seeing, it moves like a dance not seen.

We can touch the trees no matter how tall in the sky they be,

The mountains, they can be felt, not always touched in places untouchable.

We can touch the ocean, fire touched will surely burn but touched it can,

These things touched are a creation worth putting a hand upon.

It is that we may strive to touch the sky, to reach for a plane flying by,

Reach high and wish a hand touch that glowing moon in the night.

We can dream, maybe make them come true, we can’t touch the sun,

We can run, grab hold of many things until our day is done.

Keith Garrett


4 thoughts on “CAN’T TOUCH THE SUN

  1. Thank you. Thoughtful indeed! We are all looking for the ‘essence’ and the ‘more’ of things – it’s the magic of wonder itself and being human . forever curious, questing, searching…

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