Suddenly in just an instance, you were there,

I do not know you, you are everywhere.

You appeared with a name, it does not say from where you came,

A smile of mystery, a face never before seen.

I have a name, it does not speak of who I am,

A mask is worn, that I might not be hurt.

Many thoughts and fears live within my spirit,

I’ve been everywhere if nowhere.

I hide and run to keep myself from harm,

There are faces I wear, faces of change.

Do you know me at all, more than yesterday,

I speak from the heart, there is no shame.

Keith Garrett


2 thoughts on “DO YOU KNOW ME?

  1. I guess I know you a bit better than five minutes ago Keith. You wear masks, many of us do but not all the time. Now, are you dropping yours at times?
    You hide and run so there is fear there.


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