The sun rises to an unforgiving day, what preys’,

Sympathy has no smile, It does not walk my way.

Faces of lies speak to me, Satan, In their eyes,

Spirit In the sky takes a grip of my hand, strength.

This Is a mans’ land, not of pure and good,

This life, this life of mine Is an alone adventure.

Words’ pour out of their mouths’ like water so dirty,

Only sounds’ do I hear, unrecognizable to these ears.

They try so hard to take this heart, they can not steal,

I’m reminded of the hurt they know I feel, not unreal.

This life, this life takes If It sees a smile and happiness

When It knows It’s In me.

Keith Garrett



2 thoughts on “THIS LIFE

  1. very beautiful writing as always and sadly, I have felt similar. I remember thinking that it was like other people or life in general just waited for you to relax and be happy so they could ambush you : (

    I have broken my cycle finally. After decades of work. I hope the same thing happens for you *hugs*

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