We live our lives from day to day,

Wondering what could be when we have to go away.

Searching for the meaning of this thing we call life,

Maybe we should enjoy our time here Instead of studying why.

Families have lived since the beginning of time,

Where have they gone, I think In my mind.

Another dimension not for us to understand,

A garden of Eden perhaps In a far off land.

No suffering of pain or sorrow could this be,

Another plane of reality.

Heaven Is where, I do not know,

Far, far away, I dream this Is so.

Keith Garrett


4 thoughts on “HEAVEN IS WHERE?

  1. And most definitely, we should write in all our unknowingness. Because, fellow humans can identify with what you say:) I surely can. Does seeing heaven as being far away help you in finding peace in living?

  2. Sometimes heaven is right here; a good cup of coffee, a caring stranger who gets it, a warm walk down the street. Heaven’s what we make it.

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