I write every day and walk my legs until they’re done,

I work in my yard, I think beyond the sun going down.

In between the poetry, there is a life of pain and mistrust,

I make myself happy, a choice to fall or on my own rise up.

I endure the suffering of rehabilitation as it is what I need,

Keep myself alive and moving, a little positivity in my day.

The reality I face of that which is good and bad is not a thought of beauty,

Up in the morning early I am to stare at the rising sun, start the day.

Ask do I from God above for the strength to make it through each step,

I never quit, I’m not that way, a miracle is out there, let nothing stand in my way.

I am tired but the nights are peaceful and quiet, darkness feels most pleasant,

I drift off to sleep waiting to dream, sooner or later I’m awake lying in the dark, thinking.

Keith Garrett

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